There it goes again!

I *seriously* need to change my GP. The latest incident goes like this..

As keen readers may be aware, Suri has had no vaccinations taken after his birth vaccines due to low immunity from chemotherapy. He was given one DPT vaccine, one IPV vaccine and one set of OPV drops before all the hungama started.

Though he was advised to start his vaccines six months after his last session of chemo, I decided to wait another two months until we reached the UK so that he would get uninterrupted vaccines from the same healthcare system (or so I believed). The first session of the vaccination was impressive enough – the “jabber” seemed to have a chart that detailed all the vaccines to be taken when delayed and she finished the DPT job in exactly 2 seconds (before Suri even realised someone was trying to push a needle into his arm). The IPV job took a second extra, but even then Suri failed to realise there was a second attempt at piercing his veins.

One casual statement stuck out though – when asked if Suri needed to take IPV as well as OPV drops (as is the custom in India), the “jabber” replied – “India is a weird country and they do all sorts of unnecessary things. There is NO concept of OPV needed when IPV has been given”. Okay, I thought – both are polio vaccines and she is probably correct, although she didn’t really have to deride the whole country for that.

Then I did some research – OPV was given in the US till 2000 and in the UK till 2004. Surely she was aware of that? The reason they stopped giving OPV was due to the very few numbers of wild poliovirus present and the only cases (7-8 a year) were being caused by the OPV itself. There IS an actual reason why OPV was stopped in the UK while it continued in less-eradicated countries with widespread wild viruses, like India. Surely she did not have to bad-mouth the entire country to give me this bit of information? To give her credit, maybe she thought I was a dumb parent who did not need to be told medical details of why a particular immunisation was dropped (of course, there is no way she would have known I was writing a blog about her!).

The next visit was even more hilarious. She had ABSOLUTELY NO idea which vaccines Suri had gotten already. She was about to give him the Men-C jab and send us home when I kindly reminded her that there is one DPT jab still left. What would happen to my baby if I were indeed a dumb parent who didn’t know the minutae?

I *seriously* need to change my GP!


One thought on “There it goes again!

  1. Hi there,
    I’ve just read little Suri’s journey, fantastic news that he is doing well.
    My son is 6 months old and we have just started down the same path. He was diagnosed with unilateral rb 3 weeks ago after EUA. He was booked in for enucleation on 29th Sept and then at the last minute it was cancelled to try chemotherapy instead. Just this week we’ve had our first course of chemo. We will be trying 2 courses of chemo with EUA’s and hope to see the same regression as you did with Suri!! If not, we will proceed with enucleation of his left eye.

    Thank you for sharing you journey it has given me some hope that we are on the right path despite the chemo being a terrible treatment for such a young child. Thank you also for some links you shared, I’m off to read them now 🙂

    Kindest regards,

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